Joshua Hollis    
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Josh is an llustrator born in Hollywood, CA. In his teens he moved from the big city to Columbia, SC. In his teens, he moved from the big city to Columbia, SC. Even when he was young, he knew that he was going to do something with a pencil. He was and still is the kid that doodles everywhere he can and he's doodled enough to call it a career. He was first inspired by the cartoons of his childhood, but he grew to appreciate the classics. Through these resources, he forged a determination that keeps him motivated to this day. He dabbles in all things visual and in many mediums from digital graphics, modeling, and motions graphics. He also has considerable skill in traditional mediums like oil and carcoal. If he's not drawing, he's painting, and if he's not doing that he's doing something athetlic. Josh is positive that when he brings his practiced determination to the workplace, great things are bound to happen.

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